MG3, NITI M-Wire Gold taper File, root canal Instruments , ISO,


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Product Name: MG3 GOLD(PROTAPER GOLD Compatible) Size: Starter G1 G2 G3 P1 P2
Taper: .02 .04 .06 Standard: CE/ISO/FDA/FSC
Application: Root Canal Treatment Length: L21/25/31mm
Material: NITI M-Wire Gold Packing: 6pcs/packing

Competitive Advantage:

MG-3 consists of starter,G1,G2,G3,P1,P2 while G1/G2/G3 these three files are the working files with simple, efficient and safe operation.
1. Simple :For most of the root canals they just need 2 working system files. Preparation is usually completed by G2.

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