Jinme Contra Angle1:5-LED speed Increasing (Red Band) Classic

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High speed contra angle 1:5 increasing to 40,000rpm RED BAND

Classic size head, excellent flexibility & visibility

Detachable machine head

German high precision bearing

LED optical fiber lighting system

High strength stainless steel gear

Low temperature running

Four point water spray


Product features

  • High speed--for the dental electric handpiece, when the speed of electric motor is 40 thousand rpm, the speed of dental electric contra angle handpiece can be up to 0.2 million rpm. When the electric motor is matched with dental electric contra angle handpiece, the high efficiency gear transmission can improve torque. So it can be the replacement of the high speed handpiece to carry out rapid and accurate treatment, thus reducing the burden of the patients and treatment time.
  • Detachable machine head--The dental drill adopts detachable and easy cleaning machine head, modular assembling so the assemble and disassemble is convenient and quick. The operation is easy. Besides, the consequent maintenance can be carried out by yourself easily. It can prevent blocking of spraying hole caused by dirty particles as well as ensuring good cooling effect.
  • German high precision bearing--This dental handpiece adopts unique angle contact bearing structure to generate centripetal force during handpiece running so that the handpiece can be more stable, quiet and generate larger torsion during high speed running.
  • LED optical fiber lighting system--the dental electric handpiece uses optical fiber material with high light transmittance in order to ensure that the optical fiber transmission attenuation rate is less than 2%. So it can conduct the light generated by the motor effectively, thus providing the doctors with daylight illumination.
  • High strength stainless steel gear--the transmission gear of the handpiece is made of Germany high strength ball bearing steels. It adopts Germany and Japanese high precision automatic CNC processing. Then it is treated by precise quench hardening, so that the connection of the gears are more fit and smooth, thus realizing quiet, abrasion resistant and durable gear running.
  • Low temperature running--the handpiece adopts gear set which is made of superior material and high precision CNC machining craft to ensure that the alignment of the gear is the most perfect. It can reduce friction heat by reducing gaps among the gears. And being equipped with internal cooling system, the temperature rising of the handpiece can be controlled within 15℃.
  • Four point water spray--The independent four point water spray and fog cooling system can generate tornado type fog around the bur, providing perfect cooling effect for the bur which is carrying out quick cutting.